This Pandemic is making us do so many things we either never did before or didn't do as much.  Social distancing, washing our hands more often, wearing a mask, cooking, drinking, the list goes on and on.

With the future so hard to predict, we're not sure after the dust settles what else is in store.  Many of the things we took for granted as being there or being done for us may not exit as we get to the new normal.  We were talking the other day that the "buffet" may be one of those things that can't exist in it's previous form because we can all eat from the same trough so to speak.

Then there are the "conveniences" that have been shut down that, for some, have contributed to unimaginable anguish.  I'm talking about the outrage and anger attributed to not being able to get you hair done or your nails done.  Was that sarcastic enough?  I don't think most people have any idea how the world around us will change; at least until a cure or vaccine comes along.

That brings us to one of the more bizarre and unusual occurrences to come out of the crisis.  We learned this week that the Michigan Secretary Of State offices will reopen on Monday.  Personally, we didn't have any reason to panic at the previous unavailability but apparently someone in another state felt the need to take matters into there own hands.

You see, a driver in Oregon felt the need to make their own plate and while the Sheriff's Department there gave him points for creativity, it wasn't at all necessary.  So Kalamazoo, put down that sharpie.

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