What a year we've had already and it's not even half over yet.  Through it all we've been trying to find some bright spots, some silver linings, some lights at the end of the tunnel.  There are some but not many.

We've been woken up to the fact that our lives can be thrown into chaos in the blink of an eye which doesn't seem like a good thing but it helps us appreciate how good we have it.  The environment itself is healthier which means the planet is healing due to the inactivity.

Crime is down, at least until recently, and traffic has been much lighter which has reduced stress and road rage.  With that, car accidents have been less frequent which has made our lives safer.  That should be enough right?

Well, you might have seen some TV commercials the past couple of weeks from national insurance companies telling their customers that their rates would be reduced or refunds would be coming their way.  Not only was I surprised but I also felt left out.  Don't worry though, help is on the way.

Yesterday, the Governor ordered all Michigan auto insurers to issue refunds or premium waivers because of the reduced driving during the stay-at-home order.  On top of that, the new laws reducing premiums will also reduce our payments every month.

One other thing to consider, if your situation has changed in terms of how much driving you'll have to do going forward, you might want to contact your insurance agent and modify your policy.  You might be able to save even more.

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