The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety have a large group of heroes after saving a man's life Thursday morning in Kalamazoo after a car he was working on became dislodged from its jack and crushed and pinned the man under his car.

A graphic video showing the rescue was posted by the KDPS showing the valiant rescue:
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A 50-year-old male was working on his neighbor’s van and the van fell off the jack trapping him beneath the vehicle. Initially, the male subject was talking, however, due to the van compressing his upper torso, he went into cardiac arrest with no pulse or breathing. He was under the car for approximately 10 minutes. Sgt. Hutson, Sgt. Mireles, PSO Baldwin, and PSO Brink lifted the van off the male while Sgt. Luthy pulled him to safety. CPR was immediately started, and they were able to reestablish a pulse and breathing.
Apparently not everybody is considering these people heroes elsewhere on the internet, naturally, as one person indicated:
This comment section goes to show where things are posted are an indication of support. The comment section here is 100 . So much support for a job well done! This same video posted by a news channel and the comment section is just tearing these cops apart…
I don't see what you could say about these people that could merit such disrespect. That's someone's family member and loved one. My hat's off to these people for being so quick to respond to this life threatening situation.

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