Have a big trip planned for this year?  Frontier Airlines is giving kids a chance to fly free in 2019.

According to WXYZ,  the airline is offering the deal for kids to fly free but there are rules for this deal.

Kids need to be under 14 to qualify for the free seat.   Each adult ticket purchased allows for the free kids ticket.

You will also need to be a Den Member with Frontier which costs $59.99 a year.   Make sure if you plan a trip to take it on a certain day as this deal has specific days it is available.

The kids ticket is also only available for destinations in the United States.  A good deal for those with children who maybe traveling later this year.

You can fly Frontier out of Detroit and Grand Rapids.  They fly to many major cities around the country like Las Vegas, Orlando and Denver.   You can check out the airlines website for more details.


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