While the "Take a Knee" protest continues to dominate headlines, there's little doubt where KISS stand on their patriotism. During recent shows KISS have made sure that their fans know that the band is true (red, white and) blue to the American flag by continuing to lead their audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Fan-shot video of the crowd joining in the pledge last week during a stop in Sugar Land, Texas can be seen below. In the clip, a scan of the audience shows most of the crowd joining in the recitation of the pledge, with Paul Stanley stating afterward, "God bless America," before being presented the keys to the city.

The group also included the Pledge of Allegiance at previous shows as well, and continued to do so with their performance at the Gretna Heritage Festival near New Orleans Saturday night (Sept. 30). According to NOLA.com, the band had just performed "Rock and Roll All Nite" with a flurry of confetti still falling when the pledge was introduced into the show.

The group were joined onstage by several Gretna politicians, while the group offered congratulations to Army Major Steve Roberts for his over 30 years of service for the military. “A lot of times people that are born free think that freedom is free and it’s not," Spin reported Gene Simmons as saying at the Gretna show. "Freedom is only free because there are people willing to sacrifice to keep us free."

As expected, fan response to the move was divided, with one supporter tweeting that the move to support the military was "pretty damn cool," while another added that it was "the least rock and roll thing I've ever seen."

KISS have a history of support of the military, previously hiring military personnel to be roadies and other related businesses, performing benefits for the military and raising money for a military museum.

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