Remember earlier this year I posted about the bill Governor Snyder signed in March eliminating "driver responsibility fees"?  Ya, I forgot about it too.  To refresh, the bill forgives around $650,000,000 in debt owed by nearly 350,000 Michigan drivers.  It also sets aside $250,000 to the Department of the Treasury for implementing and administrating changes to the act and the workforce according to  But that's not why the lines might be long.

Ya see, drivers who had their license taken away because they didn't pay various fees can now apply for reinstatement of their drivers license starting October 1, 2018.  And if those drivers take care of it between now and the end of the year they won't have to pay the $125.00 reinstatement fee.  Another benefit points out is with the increase in customers, Secretary of State offices will probably hire more people.  So there you go.  One question many people driving without a license will even bother to get it reinstated?  In case you have questions click HERE for the FAQ.


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