The sun was barely up on December 6, 2018 - Legal Marijuana Day in Michigan - and a crew from City Pulse, an alternative paper in Lansing was out early to distribute legal weed.

The City Pulse crew was symbolically set up in front of the Michigan State Capitol, Lansing City Hall and the Lansing Police Department.

How did it go down? City Pulse

sent reporter Kyle Kaminski to the Capitol to celebrate by handing out 28 joints.

Checking IDs on the street to see if recipients were 21, a few more Lansing residents may need to head to the nearest Quality Dairy for a munchies fix.

Though some politely refused, most were happy to get a free joint.

Check out the full article from City Pulse to see reactions from those who took advantage of the joint giveaway.

Take a look at the sharing of the green from City Pulse:


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