Linkin Park on Friday (April 7) unveiled another previously unreleased song from their Meteora sessions titled "Massive." The colossal track features lead vocals by surviving Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda.

The new song joins "Fighting Myself" and "Lost," two other previously unheard Linkin Park tunes that emerged earlier this year. They're all on the 20th anniversary edition of 2003's Meteora, which is out now.

Listen to "Massive" toward the bottom of this post.

Regarding "Massive" and another rare Linkin Park cut on Meteora 20, "Healing Foot," Shinoda explained to Vulture, "One of those two I think I tried to resurrect during [2007's] Minutes to Midnight, and … it was like, 'No man, we don't want to look backward at all.'"

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The musician added, "So this is all about that 2003 moment. There's a certain level of quality control going on. We want to make sure that when we put something together, it's thoughtful and we've done our best. Is it going to be perfect? No. Is it going to appeal to everybody? Of course not."

Order Linkin Park's Meteora 20

The Meteora 20th anniversary edition album arrived on April 7. It's available in various configurations including a limited Super Deluxe Box Set. Other offerings include a Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, a Deluxe 3-CD collection and a digital download option. Get them here.

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Linkin Park, "Massive"

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