It can be pretty intimidating driving over the Mackinac Bridge in Northern Michigan.  If for whatever reason you can't make it,did you know someone will drive it for you?

According to the story from M-Live,  the Mackinac Bridge Authority has a driver's assistance program that offers those who can't drive the bridge someone who will.

If you are on the southern end of the bridge and don't want to make the drive, pull over by the last exit before the bridge and dial the number 906-643-7600.  If you are on the north end just ask the person at the toll booth.

A driver will assist you and drive your vehicle over the bridge.   It can be a car, truck, RV or motorcycle the bridge authority can handle it all.  It is a free service and surprisingly people use it.

It is there for those that are either too scared to make the drive.  Motorist also use the program to help with traveling during windy conditions.

If you are a person who has avoided the bridge over the years now you have an option to finally make that trip to the Upper Peninsula.

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