I have been telling my children for years that life is all about making memories.  There are a lot of mundane moments in our life.  Many of us get up at the same time most mornings, drink the same coffee, eat the same breakfast, drive the same route to our jobs, park in the same spots, eat the same lunch, leave work at the same time, take the same route home, have the same dinner each night, watch the same TV programs, surf the same sites on the web and go to bed at the same time most nights.  Then we wake up and do it all over again.

Life is about making memories and do I have a suggestion for you to make a lifelong memory for yourself and your children.

Does your child love a bounce house?  When is the last time they have been in a bounce host coming in at 13,000 square feet?  I would guess they never have.  Now they and you can experience what is called the biggest bounce house in the world.

The Big Bounce America bounce house has announced the they will be coming to Steffens Park in Fraser Michigan on June 10 – 12 this summer.  Big Bounce America explains their experience as:

“This is NOT your typical bounce house! Covering an area of just over 13,000 square foot and towering 32ft from the ground to the tip of our candy-colored turrets we’ve worked hard to ensure there is never a dull moment in this, the World’s Biggest Bounce House.

We’ve created a crazy inflatable landscape filled with some of the most amazing, completely customized attractions you’ll have ever seen. Not only does our massive bouncer look spectacular, it really does have something for everyone within its four walls of fun.

We’ve got basketball hoops for those big-air slam-dunks, climbing towers that reach to the sky, a giant slide that takes you outside the main structure and lands you into a ball-pit, over-sized couches and chairs for you to chill on”

What will this memory cost you?  Per their website:

  • The adults-only session (16 and older) will cost you $39.
  • The bigger kids’ session (15 and younger) will cost you $29
  • The junior session (7 and younger) will cost you $29.
  • The kid’s session (15 and younger) $29 and $19 for children 3 and under.

Book those tickets and make that memory, you will be glad you did.

Check out the fun:

and this:

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