It started with confusion, turned into angry movie goers and now there's a lawsuit.  The new AMC Kalamazoo 10 has only been open for a couple weeks and already there's beef with another theater- Kalamazoo 10 off of W. Main.

According to MLive, people are buying tickets at Kalamazoo 10 and going to AMC Kalamazoo 10 downtown and the tickets are, obviously, no good.  Plus the buyer wants a refund but shouldn't get it because, technically, they went to the wrong theater.  So, Kalamazoo 10 is suing AMC Kalamazoo 10 for trademark infringement and common law unfair competition.  Btw, AMC Kalamazoo 10 is now calling itself AMC Portage Street 10.  Check out the whole story by clicking HERE.


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