Metallica have long been a philanthropic band, but with the establishment of their All Within My Hands charitable foundation, they've definitely been stepping up their game. One of the latest beneficiaries of their good will was the Veikko and Lahja Hursti charitable trust in Helsinki, Finland, where the band just performed this past week.

The group surprised the charity, whose primary goal is to help feed the needy, with a check for 25,000 euros (just shy of $30,000 U.S.). YLE reports that the donation came as a surprise to the family-run organization.

"They got our contact information somehow and told us they wanted to make a donation," Heikki Hursti stated. "It totally came out of the blue." Hursti and his daughter met up with the band to receive the donation. "We are still in shock. My daughter and I just met the band and we took a photo together," he added.

"We've got rental equipment, vehicle costs and a variety of other expenses for things that are necessary to our operations," stated Hursti when asked what the money will be used for.

The charitable trust was started in the '60s by Heikki's father, Veikko, and remains a passion of the family. In addition to organizing events and providing food, the organization also helps out families with clothing needs as well.

Metallica recently announced that May 23 will be the "Metallica Day of Service," with the band encouraging their fans to volunteer for a day at one of the food banks they supported on their 2017 North American tour. You can check here to see the participating food banks and if there isn't one of the designated food banks in your area, they still urge fans to take part by checking out the Feeding America website and finding one where they can lend their support.

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