On more than one occasion, a man from Cedar Springs, Michigan, drove his truck around while shooting at deer out of the vehicle window. To top it off, he was also drinking and driving.

29 year-old- Edward Trout would literally get into his truck, drive around at night while drinking, and then illegally shoot at deer out of his truck window. He also abandoned several of the deer that he shot.

Not only is he accused of doing this, he actually admitted his crimes to the the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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According to WDIV, 8ight tipsters have contacted the DNR’s Report All Poaching hotline, reporting gunfire at night and deer carcasses located on or near properties in Nelson and Spencer townships.

Why Would This Man Do Something Like This?

Trout says he was "relieving frustration" by shooting out his window into vacant fields at deer.

It doesn't end with Trout shooting deer out of a moving vehicle. He's also accused of leaving fishing lines unattended and spearing and leaving snapping turtles on the shore.

Trout pleaded not guilty last week in court to a five-count misdemeanor, including the charges of:

  • Two counts of hunting and fishing without a license (up to $250 in fines, per count).
  • Taking game from a vehicle (up to $500 in fines).
  • Taking, possessing deer out of season ($1,000 per deer).
  • Using illegal fishing devices (up to $1,000 in fines).

I think Trout's issues run a little deeper than simply needing to relieve some of his frustrations.

Trout will reappear in court on July 19. He's facing some time behind bars, could lose his hunting and fishing privileges, and more.

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