Hey, I'm all for touting Michigan's achievements whether it be sports, tourism, beer, things like that.  What I didn't know was how much weed is being smoked during the Coronavirus Crisis.  My first thought was you shouldn't smoke anything when the disease affects the lungs.  Then I realized I wasn't 25 anymore.

According to mlive.com, quarantine caused by the global outbreak of COVID-19 is forcing people across the world to find ways to entertain themselves.  In Michigan, people are lighting up.  A Twitter survey conducted by the health blog bodynutrition.org, finds that Michigan residents are smoking marijuana more than any other state during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Analysts used trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data to arrive at the conclusion.  More than 200,000 tweets since March 1 were tracked, specifically tweets and hashtags about using marijuana, including phrases such as "smoke weed," "get high," and all related slang terms, were considered.

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