One song that many people feel defined a generation became a huge success around the time of Woodstock. By the time the song “Time of the Season “by The Zombies was released, it was a massive hit. However, the band had already broken up. After The Zombies, who are originally from England separated, there were two bands, that went by the name "The Zombies," and even pretended to be them by performing their music.

One of the bands featured two members of ZZ Top, Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill. But there was another band that referred to themselves as The Zombies who played music from the band, and they were actually a 5-piece from Marquette, Michigan.

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The reception from the Michigan band was quite the opposite of the Texas Zombies, as many people believed the Michigan Zombies sounded exactly like the original band. One person would go on to say when they played "Time of the Season," you couldn’t even tell the difference, it was that accurate.

We recently spoke to Rod Argent and he confirmed finding out about the imposter Zombies bands really wasn’t a big deal to him, but he couldn’t say the same about the other guys in the band. People were apparently taking the Zombies very seriously back then because he told us a story about how a guy, who was so determined to crack the Texas band's true identity, pulled a gun out on someone backstage demanding he tells the truth about the band.

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