Is this like "when life gives you lemons make lemonade"?  Or is it just good old fashioned ingenuity?  Whatever it is, it's nice to find yet another group of people that are trying to make a bad situation better.  We all know what has happened with hand sanitizer.  Not only is it gone from shelves, but some people are buying it up and trying to sell it online at criminally inflated prices.

Well, reports that a Michigan distillery is changing from making booze to making and then giving away hand sanitizer. Mammoth Distilling isn’t making their usual spirits, they’re now making hand sanitizer.  The distillery is concocting alcohol-based sanitizers with excess product.  They’ve shut down the tasting room to customers for the time being, but are open to anyone in the community who can’t find a disinfectant.  Any customer can come in to fill up a small container for free.

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