Imagine winning the lotto only to realize you've lost your ticket.  That happened to this Michigan man.

Anil Philip told the Michigan Lottery about his very close call,

I won the prize right when COVID-19 hit, so I decided to wait to claim the prize. I ended up misplacing the ticket and just found it a few days ago.

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Anil purchased his ticket on March 14th, 2020 at the Reda Shop in Trenton.  I understand being cautious and putting safety first during the pandemic.  Especially in March of 2020.  However, I would have wasted no time cashing in on my lotto winnings.  Philip actually found his winning Power Ball ticket after searching high and low, just a couple days before it expired.  The 47-year-old Wayne County man would have missed out on a $150,000 cash prize.

Philip was clearly being responsible by waiting during the pandemic.  So, it should come as no surprise that he plans on being responsible with his winnings.  He told the Michigan Lottery that he plans to pay off student debts.

I love stories like this.  Last year there was an Eastpointe man that won $2 million with the "wrong" lotto ticket.  That's a crazy story that you can read by clicking here.  Let's not forget the Monroe County man that won his second $4 million jackpot last June.  Yeah, his second $4 million jackpot in 2 years.  Get more on that story by clicking here.

Maybe the advice below will help me be so lucky.

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