Think back to graduation day, how big was your class?  1000? 500?  Probably a lot more than just 3.  Can you imagine three people in your graduating class? It would be especially awkward if you didn’t know one of your classmates, ha!

Friday, Mackinac Island Public School celebrated graduation for the class of 2019, which had three students.  Yep, just three seniors.  Jason St. Onge posted a picture of the graduation setup in the Mackinac Island News and Views Facebook group.

This is crazy, I graduated from a small school, but wow, at three students I’d probably have had a higher GPA than my 1.85 I had through the first part of my senior year.

Also as someone who isn’t big on ceremonies, I thought “man this would be awesome and quick”, then it dawned on me, no they probably have everyone giving speeches, to make it worthwhile to even have a ceremony; which don’t get me wrong, these kids worked hard to get to graduation, so they deserve a great ceremony, I just would want it to be quick.

Congrats 2019 Lakers!


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