Even though, most people can transact most of their business with the Michigan Secretary of State's office via the computer now, still there are things that are best done live, and some people are just more comfortable doing it that way, anyhow. But not this Monday. Michigan Secretary of State's offices will be closed, in honor of Veteran's Day, November 11th.

Most license plate types can be ordered or renewed online at ExpressSOS.com. Driver’s license permits and registrations for vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles or boats may be printed, allowing motorists to drive legally until they get their renewed driver’s license or plate and tab in the mail. Additionally, customers may order a duplicate registration or title, change their address and register to be an organ donor on the website. - Michigan Secretary of State's office

SOS says it "mails notices to motorists 45 days before their driver’s license or license plates expire to give them ample time to renew. Licenses and plates that expire on a day when state offices are closed, such as a holiday or weekend, can be renewed the following day without penalty."

Another option is using an SOS kiosk. License plate tabs also can be renewed at the self-service kiosks, most are open 24/7.


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