Michigan State Police have told news outlets, including Fox 17, that they are stepping up patrols on highways leading up north throughout the rest of the summer to keep people safe as traffic increases with everyone wanting to squeeze a little bit more out of summer.

Fox 17 reports that MSP specifically stated that those patrols will increase along M-65 and M-33 which are popular highways heading north, but you will also see an increase in troopers on patrol along all major roadways throughout the mitten state.

MSP also wants to remind drivers to move over when you see a police officer, first responder, road service vehicle, or tow truck with their emergency lights on, alongside the roadway, as it's state law with the Move Over Law.  The law actually states that you must move over a lane when possible and if not possible, you must slow down as you pass the stopped vehicles.  Failure to do so could lead to a civil infraction which will add two points to your license and cost you a $400 fine.


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