A Michigan youth football coach whose been volunteering for the past four years was fired after disclosing to the league he failed a background check earlier in the year when he tried to coach his son's baseball team.
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WMMT reported that Shane Sears has 20 criminal charges on his record, including six felony charges in the past, mostly related to drug and property crimes.

Shane Sears Shared What Happened

Shane Sears Said His Kids Could Be Kicked Out Of The League Because Of His Posts

On July 26th Plainwell Rocket Football shared this announcement on Facebook
Plainwell Rocket Football will be implementing background checks on any and all volunteers for current and future seasons. This will also include board members. We will be using JDP background software as many other directors already use this for their background checks.
While we acknowledge this may/has upset some of our player's families and volunteers, we feel that doing this is in the best interest and well-being of our players and families. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you!

What Do People Think About Background Checks Being Used?

Looking at the comments everyone seemed to be in favor of the implementation of background checks.

Credit: Plainwell Rocket Football Via Facebook
Credit: Plainwell Rocket Football Via Facebook

But as I scrolled down I noticed you can't leave a comment and that the post has been changed by Plainwell Rocket Football so that it was limited on who could leave a comment. I don't know the exact reason behind this decision, but I'm assuming it might have had to do with people disagreeing with the decision.

Credit: Plainwell Rocket Football Via Facebook
Credit: Plainwell Rocket Football Via Facebook

Some People Were Unhappy With The Decision

According to WMMT 3 Community members spoke out against the firing, including Dan Wierckz, a former Plainwell Rocket volunteer.

What are we teaching our kids as a coach? Who cares if we dropped the pass, or fumbled the ball, we move forward.


Ashley Schmitt, a Plainwell resident with two boys in the youth program said

Shane was the only reason her boys played in the program. Shane has worked hard to turn his life around and worked hard to get to where he is. He's a good guy and I trust him completely with all my children.

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