I have removed all pics from inside Deer Acres Fun Park in Pinconning to help accommodate requests from the new owners.

I do want to take a moment to explain a few things to those who are upset.

The pics were taken in the fall of 2018, and I have not been back to Deer Acres since. Some people have commented that restorations have been made since then, and I hope they are right. The park obviously has a special place in so many peoples hearts, that I hope it can be fully restored for future generations to enjoy.

My intent was never to upset anyone or put the park in danger in any way. I stopped there to show my kids a place that I had many memories of growing up. We did nothing but take pictures.

I wrote the story to bring on some nostalgia to those who visited the park when they were kids, and hopefully make the people who had never been there laugh a little bit.

I never anticipated it being shared online as much as it did in only 30 hours of being published. When I noticed people saying they should go in for themselves I posted the editors note on the story a few hours after it was published.

***Editors note: I should have put this in the article when i first wrote it. You should NOT try to go into Deer Acres. You should absolutely not go in if you have any sort of intention of damaging property. I should not have gone in, but curiosity/nostalgia got the better of me.


I would never intentionally want people causing damage to anyone's property. I want to apologize to the new owners for any undue stress caused in the last 24 hours.

I hope everyone can be patient and wait for Deer Acres to reopen fully before visiting the theme park. For everyone that laughed a little bit, and shared a memory of the park, thank you. For anyone that may have been offended by the article, I apologize.


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