Drunk driving is a serious crime that comes with serious consequences. It turns out many more states are stricter than Michigan when it comes to D.U.I.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that drunk driving is still a deadly crime, accounting for 29% of automobile fatalities in 2015 (the latest year that data is available). Ten thousand lives are lost at a cost of $44 billion annually. WalletHub crunched the numbers and does have some good news to report: "Drunk-driving fatalities dropped by 57% from 1982 to 2014, according to the NHTSA, as states have cracked down on the practice. As a result, motor vehicle crashes are no longer among America’s top 10 causes of death."

Driving while impaired or driving under the influence of alcohol are serious infractions that result in civil and sometimes criminal penalties. On a state-by state comparison, Michigan drivers are treated with kid gloves as the state ranked 43rd in terms of the consequences for being convicted of an offense.

Fifteen key metrics were weighed, including amount of jail time for first and subsequent offenses, fines, when it becomes a felony, how long a DUI stays on your record and others. Find out more of the methodology and detailed results of the study here.
DUI 2017

Source: WalletHub

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