Taco Bell's somewhat-upscale Cantina style restaurant has opened the first location in Michigan.

We found out last August that Taco Bell had targeted downtown Royal Oak for the Cantina. After a few months of construction, on what was once a Cold Stone Creamery, the Cantina is open.

A diner who tried out the new Cantina gave a review to the Taco Bell subreddit on reddit:

So I was meeting up with a friend at a coffee shop in a city near me and saw the new Taco Bell Cantina was finally opened. After our coffees we decided to go over and check it out, with the excitement of having a boozy drink and some tapas. Much to my disappointment, they have not been given their liquor license yet so I couldn't order an adult beverage.

Ended up going somewhere else after talking to the employees for a while. Looks like it's going to be another few weeks to a few months before everything is all set.


A Taco Bell Cantina opened recently in Cleveland as well. Take a look inside:

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