Mick Jagger said it was a “shame” the Rolling Stones hadn’t released more music, and added that the writing of future material was proceeding well.

The band recently announced a run of U.S. dates that commence in April, offering the possibility of studio sessions to be completed before the tour.

“It’s going good,” Jagger told Billboard. “I’ve got lots of stuff. I’m doing some more writing this week. And I’m always, like, messing around. I enjoy the writing process a lot. I mean, you always think the last thing you wrote is really wonderful, and sometimes they’re really not! But it’s really fun doing it and it’s really enjoyable doing new things.”

He noted that the band hasn't "released that much, and I think it’s a shame we haven’t released more music. So, I would hope we’re going to release some music.”

The Stones’ last studio project was the 2016 covers album Blue & Lonesome, which had been intended as an LP of original tracks before they found themselves distracted by playing some of their favorite songs.

“It just happened,” Jagger recalled of the album's sessions. “It was a fun thing to do. It was ... stuff we’d known for years, since we were kids, and played in like clubs, and we knew it all pretty well. I really thought it was great and the response was really surprising, and I thought that was really wonderful. And I just hope we’re going to come up with some new stuff as well.”

Blue & Lonesome gave the band its third Grammy, which, it was suggested, seemed like a low number for a group like the Stones. “I don’t really care about Grammys very much,” Jagger responded. “I’m not saying it’s not nice to have – it’s lovely to have. But it’s not going to break my heart if I don’t get Grammys and if my Grammys count is not as big as other people’s.”



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