Why go to Russia to visit Moscow? You can do so right here in Michigan.

The village of Moscow is located in the township of Moscow in Hillsdale County. The community was originally going to settle on the name “Little Kalamazoo”, but for one reason or another, that idea was squelched. In its place came “Moscow”.

How the township was named Moscow is still in question: one version says the name was drawn out of a hat, while another says it was named after Moscow, New York by early settlers.

The township was established in 1835 after settlers arrived in 1834. It lies along the old Sauk Trail (now known as US-12) and became a stop along the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee Railroad.

A school was built in 1867 but torn down in 1930.

The original depot closed down in 1930 and became the township hall in 1933. It remains the township hall to this day.

Take a little afternoon drive over to Moscow some Sunday afternoon and enjoy another of Michigan's small towns!



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