Those security cameras aren't just up there for looks people.

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They really do a good job.

Recording video and providing pictures in HIGH DEFINITION.

As a matter of fact, if someone were to commit a crime, you could catch them in the act.

City of East Lansing via Twitter
City of East Lansing via Twitter

And even zoom in on say, THEIR FACE.

City of East Lansing via Twitter
City of East Lansing via Twitter

Nice Gruff Sparty shirt there buddy.

This is the type of stuff you just hope mom and dad back home don't find out about.

But here you are on camera, posted on social media, stealing stuff.

In the East Lansing Criminal Justice System, Turf Based Crimes...

Are especially heinous but forgiven IF YOU JUST BRING IT BACK!

City officials wrote, “If the item is returned to the public space, no further action will be taken. [But] further incidents of theft or vandalism could result in legal action.” (WILX)

And we get it. College hijinx and silliness but this "simple prank" is a crime and really affects everyone. This particular area was designed by the East Lansing Downtown Development Association for everyone.

In an effort to help local businesses get through the pandemic, the East Lansing Downtown Development Authority (DDA) created outdoor spaces designed to let customers shop and dine safely. (WILX)

If you recognize any of the individuals in the gallery below, the DDA has asked that you contact East Lansing police at or call (517) 319-6884.

But also let them know they are internet famous and not in that good way. And all will be forgiven if they just bring the turf back.

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