Back in March of 2021, a young man took a homemade bomb to Newaygo High School in Michigan, he accidentally detonated it and now his dad gets four years in prison.

This is a pretty wild story where the teenager took the homemade explosive to his high school and he accidentally set it off which blew his thumbs off and injured some others.

According to WOOD, a federal judge in Grand Rapids sentenced the teens father, David Saylor Sr. to four years in prison after pleading guilty to possessing a pipe bomb and a stolen gun.

Apparently this was a father and son activity where the two had been building homemade explosives together for years. This might explain some of the loud booms I've heard the past couple years in Newaygo.

It was originally reported by WOOD that Newaygo Public Schools initially said it was a firework but police later corrected them by informing them that it was indeed a bomb.

Investigators say that teen brought the device to school but unfortunately it went off in the classroom at the teen's desk. In the process four other teens had to be treated for minor injuries.

It was determined that the student didn't mean any harm to others at the school and just brought the device in to show some friends.

Authorities searched the boys home after the explosion and found more explosives that did include some PVC pipe that was part of the federal investigation that has landed is father in prison. There was a .22 rifle that was also found that had been stolen.

The teen did get charged as a juvenile for possessing a Molotov cocktail in a weapon free school zone.

The father and son had been making explosives together for quite a while, a hobby I'm sure they both are regretting.

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