Pearl Jam is one of my all time favorite bands, and on this date in 2006 they put on one of their legendary shows at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids.

This show was also the first time I ever saw them live. Being a member of the Ten Club, (their fan club), I had great seats to the show.

This show is considered by many Pearl Jam fans to be on the list of the band's all time best shows.  The crowd was into it from the first note of "Elderly Woman" right on through to "Yellow Ledbetter."  They played many songs from their release at the time, Pearl Jam (aka "Avocado").

The band also broke out a few rarities such as "Hard To Imagine" and "Around The Bend." There was a long jam on the song "Crazy Mary." That had to be one of the many highlights of that show for me.  Another highlight was when Eddie Vedder came out before the opener and did "Dead Man Walking" and, in tribute to Pete Townshend, "Can't Explain."

It was a classic show that I have as one of the band's many bootlegs.  There is also great video footage of it online.  Hopefully I will see them again someday. Until then, I will always remember this great show that Pearl Jam gave us back in 2006.

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