A Nirvana song becomes coronavirus advice as a Vermont musician puts his skills to good use.

Taking some COVID-19 prevention steps and using them to retool Nevermind's "Stay Away," Rough Francis, member Urian Hackney, has delivered the urgent spoof "Stay Inside!" It's made such an impact that Nirvana's official Facebook page shared the parody cover on Sunday (March 22).

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

The Nirvana take-off arrived on YouTube last week, at a time when concerts are getting canceled and other events postponed in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The CDC has been urging people to frequently wash their hands, stay away from others and self-quarantine if they feel ill.

Hackney repurposes those guidelines and more in stunning grunge fashion with "Stay Inside!" Ever the talented rocker, the Rough Francis drummer recorded all of the parody's instruments and vocals himself. And it's available for purchase should one feel inclined to support the musician behind the cover.

"Here's a cover of Nirvana 'Stay Away' with lyrics that are relevant to our current state," Hackney explains in the video's description. "This was a fun one to do some tone archeology on. Track available on Bandcamp!"

The performer is no newcomer to the music scene. He's the son of Death's Bobby Hackney Sr., and he, along with his brothers, formed Rough Francis in 2008 as a tribute to their father's legendary proto-punk band. Since then, Urian has even filled in on drums for acts such as Converge.

Urian Hackney, "Stay Inside!" (Nirvana "Stay Away" Parody)

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