I'm getting excited to be one of the celebrity judges at this year's Halloween Costume Contest and Parade at FireKeepers Casino Hotel Friday night.  I did a live broadcast for the very first of these right after FireKeepers opened.  My wife Karla and I were amazed at how many people were in costume and how good the costumes were.  There was astounding attention to detail and, in many cases, a lot of money spent to come come up with a great look.

97.1 AMP Radio Halloween Masquerade
Chelsea Lauren

There was one in particular that "stood out" to us both.  It was a guy dressed as a doctor pushing a hospital gurney.  On the gurney was a woman in the position of child birth.  Between her spread legs (no nudity) was the head of an adult, bearded man!!!  Well that, needless to say, would've gotten my vote.

So, if you think that was offensive, ranker.com has the the top 37 most offensive costumes you'll see this year.  I particularly like numbers 3, 8, 12 and 13.  Check them out by clicking HERE.

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