You gotta be kitten me.  A young Ohio woman calls cops on a crazy kitty cat?

June 4th proved to be a clawful day for a 20-year-old Ohio woman as her cat proved to be less than a purrfect pet.  Apparently, one of the victim's cats decided to throw paws and things got violent according to,

The woman suffered bites and scratches to her face, ear, neck and arms. Some of the wounds were still bleeding when police arrived.

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This isn't the first cat–astrophe this young woman has dealt with.  The very same feline has attacked her in the past.  Not once, but twice.  The previous attacks were so bad the woman had to be whiskered away to the hospital due to infections from the wounds.

The woman did not press charges against the cat mainly because, that's not how the world works.  She did however lock the cat in a room in her home so she wouldn't be attacked.  It might be time to reach out to a local animal shelter for this fur baby right meow.

I'm never one to victim blame but I have to wonder, what did she do to anger this cat? Don't get me wrong, the suspect probably had a bad cattitude.  We're not publishing the name of the suspected angry cat or the human victim for their privacy in these ruff times.

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