One of Cedar Point's biggest and fastest rides is Top Thrill Dragster. If you plan on attending the park opening weekend (May 6 & 7) you will notice something different with the ride.

According to the story at M-Live,  for opening weekend only Top Thrill Dragster will be known as Top Thrill Cubster.

This name is from a bet that Cedar Point made with Six Flags Great America in Illinois during the World Series.   If the Indians would of won we would have seen one of the rides in Illinois with a Cleveland themed name.

I'm glad Great America won the bet.   I was going through a list of some of the rides from Great America and neither Cleveland or the Indians would fit any of them.

If you go to the park for opening weekend you will notice the temporary new name posted through out the ride.

Too bad the Cubs are in season it would have been cool to see a few of the players ride the ride this weekend.

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