You probably don't remember the State of Michigan passing a law in 2005 regarding the updating of our personal identification and drivers license.  This in response to the 9/11 attacks in 2001.  Several people have already gained compliance as the Secretary of State has been issuing updated drivers licenses for a few years now as new drivers pass through the system.  It's called the REAL ID and you'll need it to be able to have access to previously ordinary actions.

According to the Secretary Of State, starting October 1, 2020 no one in the state will be able to fly domestically, enter a federal building or visit a military base unless you have the new REAL ID.  Between now and then you'll need to be able to produce specific documentation when you go to the nearest Secretary of State office so make sure you check with them on their website.  You don't wanna be that guy who waits and then doesn't have all the right paperwork.  Get all the information you need by clicking HERE.



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