As an adult in the hospital it's stressful and even a little frightening.  Just think about a young child in the hospital and what they're going through.  Then, think about these kids in the hospital around Christmas and how sad and disappointed they must be.  And lets add another factor- the families.  How do you think the parents feel having one of their children in the hospital during the holidays?  Here's you chance to make it better.

The Rocker and Crayons 4 Kids present the 14th annual Operation Scribble for the kids at Bronson Children's Hospital during the holidays. This year's event is Thursday December 13th broadcasting live from 6am to 6p at Walgreens on W. Main & Drake in Kalamazoo. Bring new crayons, coloring books, unwrapped toys, and other cool stuff for Crayons 4 Kids to deliver to the children in the hospital.  Get more details and a list of the items needed most...

Holiday Wish List 2018

Bronson Children’s Hospital is pleased to accept donations during the holiday season to use for our pediatric patients.  Listed below are the different options of ways to donate and who to contact. We are so thankful to receive items during this time as it makes the holiday season more special for the children here.

Option #1: Bronson Children’s Hospital Santa’s Work Shop

Toys that are directly donated to Bronson are used in our annual Santa’s Workshop.  The week of Christmas, all patients’ caregivers are invited to attend Santa’s Workshop where they select toys for the patient and their siblings. Due to the timing, we ask that toys be donated to us NO LATER than Friday, December 14th.  Those wishing to donate to this program will need to set up a delivery day and time to drop the items off to a Child Life Team member.  The Child Life office number is (269) 341-7742.  We are a controlled access unit (due to patient privacy and infection control reasons) thus we are not able to allow individuals from the community to personally hand the items out.

Suggestions of Toys for Santa’s Workshop:

  • Infant/Toddler: rattles, musical toys, stacking rings, shape sorters, light up toys, socks, bibs, clothes, teething toys, music boxes and crib mobiles.


  • School Age: Lego and Duplo kits, star wars toys, Minecraft toys/games, new DVD releases, craft kits, videogames, dolls, wooden puzzles, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, Play-Doh kits,  puzzles, board and card games.


  • Teens: gift cards (such as Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, iTunes), make up kits, nail polish, spa kits, axe body supplies, manicure supplies, headphones , body wash and sprays, lotion, perfume, new video games and movies (DVD only).


Popular Characters/Movies: The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Brave, Sleeping Beauty, Daniel Tiger, Black Panther, Avengers infinity War/Age of Ultron, Paddington (1&2), Hotel Transylvania (1,2 &3), Peanuts Movie, Toy Story (1,2, &3), How to Train your Dragon (1&2), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Jurassic World (original and “Fallen Kingdom”), Ferdinand, Coco, Boss Baby, Angry Birds, Sherlock Gnomes, Mary Poppins, Avatar




Option #2: Department Specific Needs: These items will be used on a daily basis throughout the year with pediatric patients and their families: Please denote on your donation if it is for a specific department.


  • Art Therapy Department:  Crayola model magic clay, “Melissa & Doug” and “Creativity for Kids” Craft Kits, creative journals and sketchbooks, Crayola Toddler art supplies, Lego kits, children’s science kits (i.e. growing crystals/bouncy-ball making), play-doh kits, slime making supplies, acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor paint, artist’s paintbrushes, oil pastels, and beads/jewelry making supplies. Please contact Meg, Art Therapist, at (269) 341-6186 or email  for more information.


  • Emergency Department: Baby/Toddler Toys, Barbie Dolls, 5 packs of hot wheels, 4 packs of Play-doh, Board games for all ages (Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Ants in the Pants, Sorry, Trouble, Uno) Fubbles Bubbles, Light Spinners, iTunes Gift Cards.


  • Music Therapy Department: iTunes Gift Cards, harmonicas, recorders, musical shakers, kids musical toy sets, children’s books with song themes.


  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Little Golden books and similar picture books, black & white books, board books, First Look & Find/Look & Find/I Spy Books, Small mirror toys and rattles, Fisher Price animal party bouncer seat (this specific seat). New ergonomic wearable baby carriers (if you are interested in donating these, please contact Megan first to make sure they are ones we can use!).  For more information, contact Megan, NICU Child Life Specialist at (269) 341-6545 or email


  • Pediatric/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Baby/Toddler Toys, Rattles/Teething Toys, Bath Tub Toys, Lego Kits, Gift Cards, Manicure Supplies, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Board Games, Uno, DVD Players, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 games, products from


  • Pediatric Subspecialties: Baby/Toddler Toys, Arts and Crafts Supplies, Play-doh, School Aged Toys, Light Spinners, Bubbles, Coloring Book, Crayons, light up toddler toys, new release movies, small denomination gift cards (Meijer, Walmart, fast food, Target).


  • Radiology Department: New release DVDs, toys that have lights and sounds, small prizes for school aged children.


  • Surgical Department: Portable DVD players with long cords, new release DVDs (kid and teen), coloring books, bubbles, light spinners (mini), light up toddler toys, and prize box items.


  • Bronson Battle Creek Surgery: Portable DVD players with long cords, new release DVDs (kid and teen), coloring books, bubbles, light spinners (mini), light up toddler toys.
  • Bronson Battle Creek Emergency: baby/toddler toys, hot wheels, Play-doh, Fubbles bubbles.



Option #3: Monetary donation to Bronson Health Foundation

For those wanting to make a monetary donation or if seeking suggestions on major gift/project ideas, we encourage you to contact the Bronson Health Foundation at (269) 341-8100,  or visit for more information.



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