As Ozzy Osbourne prepares for his final major tour, the question has come up about what might be part of his set lists and if there could be any special shows revisiting albums. While speaking with Rolling Stone, Osbourne was asked about the possibility of taking on Blizzard of Ozz for its 40th anniversary, but the singer shot down the idea.

"That was the thing for a while, to play the whole album, but I don't write albums that way, so no," said Osbourne. "When I make an album, I specifically record songs that I'll never do on the stage. Like on Blizzard of Ozz, there are songs that I wrote never to play live, because the production was too heavy. I always do a ballady song, I always like to do a rock song and I like to do what I call album tracks. And I'll do the ballady songs and the rock songs onstage, but the album tracks are just too over the top. But I suppose I could do one."

While the revisiting a full past album may not be on the table, a new studio album for the future is a definite possibility. Osbourne said after his tour is complete, he'd like to do another disc. "I'd like to make an album," said the singer. "I'll be doing gigs from time to time. I just know I won't be touring anymore."

Osbourne stated that he has a number of ideas for the next album, but adds, "I've just got to sit down and work them out. There's never enough time in this house." The vocalist added that he also tries to rest his voice while on tour, so working on music while out on the road isn't ideal either, so it's possible that if he does do another album, it may not start until after the "No More Tours 2" trek is complete.

The North American leg of the "No More Tours 2" trek starts Aug. 30 in Allentown, Pa., though Osbourne does have a pair of U.S. festivals in late April and shows in South America, Russia and Europe this summer. See all of his scheduled dates here.

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