Pearl Jam spent most of this past summer on tour in Europe.  They recently just wrapped up a few stadium shows in the US and those shows are set to be released as bootlegs over the next month.

According to Pearl Jam, the 2018 US Tour Bootlegs will be released over the next month starting with their home shows in Seattle on September 11th and September 18th.

The 18th will also see the release of their show in Missoula, Montana.   Their two show return to Wrigley Field in Chicago will be released on September 25th.

Finally their recent shows in Boston at Fenway Park will be out on October 2nd.  These shows follow their Summer European tour,which other than their second show in London, have already been released.

Live Official Bootlegs have become a regular thing from Pearl Jam, who have released most of their live shows for fans over the past 18 years.

For more on the release schedule for the Pearl Jam Official Bootlegs you can check out the bands website.

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