We here in Michigan have some pretty sweet town names to be proud of. Hell? Bad Axe? Awesome. Let's take a look on the flip side at the unfortunately-named town of Pee Pee, Ohio.

Look, despite what it's name suggests we are sure this town and the 7,776 people that inhabit it are lovely...even if it is Ohio. However, for now we are going to giggle like schoolchildren.

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I came across this hilariously-named gem on Twitter when an account called "Random small Midwest towns" shared it and as a true Michigander I had to laugh because, well, it's Ohio.

As the Tweet states, the township was actually named when an early settler carved his initials into a tree along the banks of Pee Pee Creek which you most definitely would not want to drink out of (come on, the jokes write themselves here).

Now maybe you have heard of Pee Pee Township, Ohio before or maybe now that you have you were thinking of paying the people of Pee Pee a visit.

Here are a few things you can do on your trip:

5 Things To Do In Pee Pee Township, Ohio

We here in Michigan sure like to poke fun at Ohio. Luckily with names like Pee Pee Township...It's not too hard. Though, there is still plenty of fun to be had!

Honestly, it really seems like anyone from Michigan would definitely have some fun trickling their way down to Pee Pee, Ohio.

There's even a man who gained viral fame in 2020 for making a the trip! Ruben Lopez started his journey in August of last year biking the 2,500 miles, breaking it up into 69 miles per day (nice), to Pee Pee Creek all the way from Poo Poo Point in Washington to raise money for Yemen relief.

So if you are looking for a fun day trip, get on down to Pee Pee, Ohio before your chance gets...flushed away.

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