I don't know if it's coincidence or if there's a bit a guitar battle happening here, but since all the activity in the past few years at 225 Parsons, I've been put on more interesting guitar related email lists, including a company doing PR for Kalamazoo former crown jewel in the guitar game, Gibson.

The two latest releases include an accoustic Tom Petty guitar, similar to the one he wrote "Wildflowers" on. Here's two close friends of Petty sharing memories about that song and guitar.

(Gibson TV via YouTube)

When you watch the video with the collaborators, you realize the guitar has no true connection to Kalamazoo, but it did put out some sweet music in the early 90's.

The other guitar is from the world the the blues, and an homage to blues musician James "Slim Harpo" Moore. Gibson says it "recreated Harpo’s guitar of choice, the Gibson ES-330 in the form of the Slim Harpo 'Lovell' ES-330 in Vintage Sunset Burst." The reason for the Lovell is that the guitar has a custom “Lovell” logo on the back of the headstock to honor Slim Harpo’s wife, life partner, manager, and the co-writer of some of his biggest hits, Lovell Moore.

Harpo died 51 years ago, but his influence continues, as is pointed out in this video featuring Keb Mo. In fact, you'll learn a lot about Harpo.

(Gibson TV via YouTube)

Like so many of my generation, I messed around with some guitars, but didn't have the talent to make magic with them, but it's sure is fun looking at these fine works of craftsmanship and hearing the stories behind them.

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