A photo of Alice Cooper serving food to children at what appears to be a potluck or food bank is making the rounds on Twitter this week, and commenters' reactions have sent the pic trending on the social network.

The image isn't new, however, and has cropped up online before. But the visual juxtaposition of the now 73-year-old godfather of shock rock lending a helping hand to those who may be less fortunate seems to elicit a wealth of observations from those who view it.

Down toward the bottom of this post, see the photo of Cooper and read several recent responses to it.

"Alice Cooper serving food at a shelter," said one Twitter user who re-shared it on Dec. 18 amid a surge of related retweets about the heartwarming image.

Several subsequent commenters made political or religious remarks related to the image. "Alice Cooper doing more for needy people than [Sen. Joe Manchin]," one said. "You know how Jesus told us to serve others as a demonstration of our faith in Him?" asked another. "Alice Cooper is doing it correctly."

Building on that vibe, Testament's Alex Skolnick joined in by tweeting on Dec. 20, "Once held up as a threat to polite society, [Cooper] turns out to be a decent, outstanding citizen while so many so called 'model citizens' of schools, churches, business and especially politics, are like the evil characters in his songs."

Cooper used to hold an annual holiday party for underprivileged children at his now-closed restaurant in Phoenix, Cooper'stown, as shown in a 2013 update on the rocker's website. He hosts the annual Christmas Pudding Fundraiser for disadvantaged youth as well.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer whose iconic music career spans a half-century will head out on a North American tour early in 2022. The singer, who got COVID-19 last year and lost 15 pounds from the illness, released the new album Detroit Stories in February.

See the tweets below.

Alice Cooper Serving Food to Children

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