With all the issues Meijer stores in west Michigan have been experiencing, this is the last thing we needed! According to a recent social media post shared around 9:00 a.m. on June 14th, the Plainwell Walmart was forced to temporarily close due to register issues.

The post which simply read, "Walmart has closed" quickly drew the attention of locals who no doubt had a few questions and concerns!

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The store located at 412 Oaks Crossing in Plainwell has since reopened and all systems and departments are once again fully operational, but it sure gave us locals a scare. When I called to confirm what had happened a Walmart employee told me that unlike the Meijer situation, this had nothing to do with payments but was in fact an issue with the computers themselves.

Local resident Sherry Schumaker clarified,

The sign on the door says they are having problems with their registers and are TEMPORARILY closed until they get it resolved.

However, despite the malfunction certain aspects of business continued as normal as Jessica Marie Decker said, 

I have a pick up order that will be ready also between 12-1...I called and they said they are back open, and the pick up workers never had issues so they've stayed open.

Diana Kay added that even while the registers were down pharmacy curbside pickup orders were still available during that time.

What a headache west Michigan shoppers have had lately! Meijer stores nationwide experienced payment processing issues on May 22 which caused customers to be charged multiple times for the same purchase. Nearly three weeks later and the processing problems the store is experiencing with Chase Bank are still unresolved as the stores appeared to have another incident over the past weekend.

In one of the most extreme cases I've heard, MLive reports a Meijer shopper was charged $1,500 for a $68 purchase!

Meijer has issued a statement regarding payment processing issues and has created a payment response team to handle claims. If your credit, debit, or EBT purchases were affected by the recent outages you can find more details here.

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