We've been following the course of legalized marijuana in Michigan for some time now and with less than 50 days till election day things are really starting to ramp up.  We've gone from getting the proposal on the November ballot to possible passage into law by the Michigan Legislature before election day to city officials around the state opposed to passage of the law.  Now, to the surprise of very few, Law Enforcement and Prosecutors across Michigan are voicing their opposition.

According to our friends at WOOD TV 8, some of the reasons given in opposition include kids getting kicked out of schools, employers unable to hire/keep employees who fail drug tests, drugged driving and the influx of black market entities turning neighborhoods upside down.  Right now polling in Michigan shows 56% in favor and 36% opposed but many are saying those numbers are not indicative of what will happen on election day.  Check out more from both sides by clicking HERE.

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