Pop Evil have returned to the road and while doing so, they have launched a brand new video game.

West Michigan's own Pop Evil had to take a pause in their Versatile tour after singer Leigh Kakaty tested positive for COVID-19. They have since gotten back on the road as of Friday, August 27. Leigh of course had been vaccinated but is said to be back in tip top shape for the road.

As long as I have bee watching this band, they seem to grow album after album where as most bands kind of top out after two albums and then just fade away.

Their newest album Versatile really lives up to its title. Showing Pop Evil's growth in song writing, performance and production. The new album lends a lot of different styles to make one hell of a complete package.

When Pop Evil was launching Versatile they sent me a RubiKs Cube that promoted their new single 'Breathe Again'. I thought that was really neat and I've had Leigh and Dave sign it since then, I just have to wait to get Hayley and Nick to throw some ink on it next time I see them. If touring bassist Joey sticks around, I'll be sure to get him on there as well.

The video production and promos for Pop Evil's new album have been stellar and if you haven't see them yet, here's links for 'Breathe Again', 'Set Me Free', 'Work' and 'Let The Chaos Reign'. Who knows what the 'Survivor' video will bring.

Well the Pop Evil team has put together their very own video game called "The Cube". It looks pretty sweet. If you would like to play the game just click here.

This game was well thought out because you can listen to Versatile while you play the game and they went a step further by have the band members play the game and you can try and beat their scores as well.

According to Blabbermouth.net, while Leigh was home because of COVID-19, he spent some quality time playing the game. Leigh said, "over the last few weeks, I played the hell out of this game during my COVID isolation. Just warning everyone, it's not an easy game to nail down. Good luck beating Hayley's score: she currently has the highest score on the bus."

Click here to play now!


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