You've heard the saying that a dog is man's best friend. Sometimes though, that saying comes with a price, especially if you're one who hunts illegally.

Case in point. An out of state hunter allegedly thought he could bypass all of the state of Michigan hunting laws and regulations and take a little side step when it came to hitting the woods for an illegal deer hunt. What the hunter didn't bargain for, was the careful and watchful eye of Conversation Officer Richard Cardenas and a puppy on the property who was hungry for a little venison snack.

Officer Cardenas noticed what looked like two hunters with a deer. After pulling into the driveway to question the men, he noticed a puppy trotting out of a pole barn carrying a deer leg.

“The puppy reappeared and led CO Cardenas to a trash bag with additional antlered deer parts inside of it,” the report said. “After some more questioning, it was found that the suspect had hunted and harvested a deer during the archery season as well.”  -MLIVE

Man' best friend indeed. I think the puppy was alerting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officer to the illegal goods to help get the help the hunter needs to change his errant ways...or maybe the pup was jones-in' for some venison. Either way it looks like justice will be served as the Department of Natural Resources will levy a few charges against the hunter through the Barry County Prosecutor Office.

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