Apparently, Walmart really does have everything.

Someone got the shock of their life Tuesday while shopping at the Walmart in Bloomington, Indiana.  On a supermarket shelf was a snake.  But not just any snake.  A python.  There's no word on how long this python was, but that breed of snake can range anywhere between 23 inches to 33 feet long.  After a person found this large snake they contacted their local animal control officer who quickly sent an officer to Walmart to get a handle on the situation.

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The City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control mentioned that the homeless snake, Wolverine, was a bit stressed and "spicy" when they posted the photo of the sneaky guy on Facebook.  The animal shelter added a link to an application for adoption on their original post around 11:30 Tuesday morning.  Proof that snake lovers really love snakes, by around 5:30 P.M. that same day, they took the link down due to a huge response according to their Facebook page,

Wolverine update: he now has MANY potential adopters and because of this, he is no longer listed as available on our website.

At this point, nobody seems to know how this domesticated python snake ended up on the shelf of an Indiana Walmart.  I've heard of people trying to sneak flat-screen TVs out of Walmart, but how do you sneak a giant snake into Walmart?  If you have any information on this incident please contact The City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control.

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