After years of delays, the Queen biopic is making serious headway these days.

The movie's director, Bryan Singer, has been sharing photos from the shoot's progress on Instagram lately, following Entertainment Weekly's unveiling of the first photo of actor Rami Malek as Queen's late singer, Freddie Mercury, last month.

Singer has been drumming up excitement for the film with a handful of photos from the ongoing film shoots. You can see them below.

The most recent addition to the collection was posted yesterday, and depicts Malik belting into the microphone while striking a convincingly Mercury-esque pose. Even though the movie's production commenced only a month ago, Singer's photos indicate that the movie is moving along at a speedy pace.

And the film seems to be meeting the standards of its subjects. Last week, Singer posted a photo of Queen guitarist Brian May on set, taking a picture of a shoot with his phone.

The band has maintained close involvement with production of the film. The hands-on approach was momentarily captured by Singer earlier this month when he posted a short video of drummer Roger Taylor instructing the film crew on the appearance of his kit.

In the Entertainment Weekly interview that accompanied the sneak peak at the Mercury photo, Malik talked about his work on the film, which is tentatively eyeing a release for Christmas 2018, and the process of becoming another person. “When you’re able to open your eyes and see a different person staring back at you in the mirror," he said, "it’s a very affirming moment.”

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