Ratt won't have any shortage of fresh material when it comes time to record the veteran hair metal outfit's long-awaited new album. For his part, singer Stephen Pearcy says he has "about 15 songs" to offer the group when they start recording tunes in 2020 for their first new effort in a decade.

That's how the musician laid it out to Detroit rock station WRIF's Talkin' Rock With Meltdown podcast last week (Dec. 19). Revealing that the band will "start writing and pre-production in January," the singer added that bassist Juan Croucier and guitarist Jordan Ziff also have material to contribute.

"I've demoed about 15 songs, and it's going to be hard to pick," Pearcy explained. "I'll throw the band probably five songs. And Juan is writing, and Jordan has given ideas already. We're not going to be lacking songs. I think what I wanted to do first was release a couple [of] songs and see what happens."

He continued, "But we've got so much music, it might be easier to do a record and release the songs whenever we want. And then, at the end of the day, release three songs here, three there … then release the record."

The band hasn't issued a studio album since 2010's Infestation. But as Croucier touched on earlier this year, the contemporary Ratt lineup is still getting their feet wet before they undoubtedly hit the studio.

In June, the bassist told Sirius XM's Trunk Nation that the current version of Ratt had "only been together just about a year next month. … So we want to get the band out there. I think it's a mutual thing — we want to get out there and play more shows, get the band in the right condition. And inevitably, we're going to go ahead and record."

Indeed, Ratt previously outlined a plan to release a couple of new songs in 2020. In addition to Pearcy, Croucier and Ziff, the band's current lineup includes drummer Pete Holmes and guitarist Chris Sanders. Former guitarist Warren DeMartini hasn't performed with the group since 2018. Last year, a court dismissed estranged drummer Bobby Blotzer's claims of ownership against the outfit.

The band is on tour now in the United States — get Ratt concert tickets here.

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