These have certainly been challenging times. We started the year watching our friends Down Under deal with a fire of unmatched in recent history. A virus whispered about in China made its way to our shores and forced our leaders to make difficult decisions to keep their constituents safe. And then the killing of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis sparked a cry for equity and brought millions to the streets to shed light on police brutality.

Oh, yeah. And there were murder hornets.

All of this could have very easily embittered the general population, however we have seen an uptick in kindness and generosity since COVID-19 kept us indoors. Feeling a need to help our hurting community sparked the imaginations of thousands of people across the country, and from their homes they started movements and changed lives. A little bit at a time.

Reader's Digest conducted a contest wherein they asked their readers to submit good news stories from their state, then the finalists would be voted on to ultimately find the  nicest city, in each state. For instance, Wisconsin voted for Columbus, home of Sassy Cow Creamery, a dairy who will freely give away milk to those in need. Or Collinsville, Illinois where Larry Gilmore's restaurant, Red Top Barbecue and Chili, has been providing free meals to those in need since receiving his stimulus check; and whose residents have pitched in to see him continue his efforts.

Which town is being honored in Michigan? Buchanan. According to Reader's Digest, Buchanan, Michigan is being honored for "Honoring Those Who Fought for the First Amendment." After their Memorial Day Parade was cancelled due to the pandemic, the town became a tribute to the local men and women that have fought for our country, celebrated in banners that line their main street.

Although many people are ready to get back to "normal," I think that there have been some good things to come out of this event that we should definitely take with us; kindness, generosity, and honoring those who serve.

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