Already this year we've had several food recalls which are relatively harmless as compared to giving a baby some much needed medicine and finding out it could cause irreparable harm.  Let's face it, finding rubber or wood in your chicken nuggets isn't the same as a possible overdose to an infant.

According to an article on, Tris Pharma Inc. voluntarily recalled 3 lots of their infant Ibuprofen Concentrated Oral Suspension last month citing concerns the medicine may have higher concentrations of ibuprofen than stated on the label.  Now the recall has been expanded to include 3 additional lots of the medicine that may also have been affected.  The affected medications are under the stores' brand names "CVS Ibuprofen", "Family Wellness Infants' Ibuprofen" and "Equate Infants' Ibuprofen".  With the added dosage, there is the possibility for permanent kidney damage.  Check out the rest of the story and details on the next steps on ensuring you child's safety by clicking HERE.





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