The resurgence of vinyl continues as Record Store Day for 2018 has been announced.

According to Team Rock, the 11th annual Record Store Day will be on Saturday, April 21st.  The day is set aside each year to celebrate vinyl and independent record stores.   The day features many specialty releases from artists on vinyl.

Kalamazoo is lucky to feature a couple of great stores,  Greenlight Music and Satellite Records.  If you are a vinyl fan and haven't been to either of these stores you are missing out.

Photo by Fly
Photo by Fly

I personally have recently re-discovered my vinyl collection after finally getting a working turntable.  Many of the records I have, I have either never have played or haven't touched in over 20 years.   I look forward to getting out this year and checking out the new releases for Record Store Day.

To keep up on events for Record Store Day and to find out items to be released on that Saturday you can check out the website for Record Store Day 2018 here.

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